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12 January 2014 @ 08:32 pm
...and it's longer than it's been since college, perhaps even longer than it was then (because that was before I really got all that...hairy).  Of course, 'longer' is a bit of a misnomer, since my hair tends to be an afro, so the beard is just...fluffier.


Derek dislikes it, but I get to reinforce that I'm not wearing my hair a certain way for him, and he's just as free to dress/groom himself the way that makes HIM happy.  Plus, I was going to shave it, but the late teen in the drive through window at McDonald's told me my beard was 'awesome,' and now a little OLD part of me thinks it might be fun to be cool to SOME people.  Plus, the young guys at the rock climbing wall think it's cool.  Of course, they're all hippie slackers...  :D
14 April 2013 @ 10:48 pm
Nibbles and Gravy are littermate sisters. When we sat down in one of the cat rooms at the shelter, Nibbles (the black cat) immediately crawled into Derek's lap to bite his fingers and purrrrrrrr. Gravy (the tortie) was occasionally hopping in our laps, but spent most of the time exploring. Nibbles is the sweeter of the two, and Gravy is the nuttier. But they picked US.

They're still not even a year yet, so have a lot of kitten left. But they love each other, and will pile on top of each other in our laps, especially in front of the tv. Can't imagine not having them galloping toward the front door when we get home from work.  It had gotten way too quiet in the house of late.

30 March 2013 @ 04:17 pm
Derek and I adopted two cats in January.  Gravy and Nibbles.  They're littermates and so rambunctious and naughty.  Still technically kittens, so tat will somewhat diminish.  I'll have to get some pictures up here.
30 March 2013 @ 04:12 pm
So, a few weeks back, I dyed my hair red for St. Patrick's Day.  I'm like 87% Irish, so red's sorta convincing (not really) on me, and I naturally get some in my beard.
Let's just say I am NOT a professional stylist by any means, so the sides didn't lighten as much as the little island of hair on the top, and only one side of beard successfully lightened at all.  So, at first, I trimmed the beard into the stupid 'stache, then later just shaved off the sides.  I used to be better at coloring my hair 16 years ago, when I still HAD a full head of hair.

For today, this is the look I'm sporting, top of which will soon be gone, as soon as I entertain my niece and nephew with my stupid hair at Easter lunch.


Up next is some art from a project I did for the birthday of one of my best friends.  (Bill, I doubt you're reading this, but don't look if you are.  This hasn't gotten to you yet.)
There's a very long story behind the characters here, but there's this odd little connection we have that involves me sending him lots of bunny cartoons I create for him.  In this case, this is a panel from a full 12-page comic I did.  Found comixpress.com which will actually print the books up for me.
I'd been toying with the idea of doing a book for a while, but couldn't really formulate a story beyond a series of one-panel gags.  And, considering that most of what I've created are small one-panel gags with limited text, I didn't think just BIGGER versions of those warranted a comic to get printed.

Then I got to visit him where he lives now in Queens, and I got a backdrop, a locale.  And, I got to add visual elements from his neighborhood, and riffed off some things we did on one of the days we spent together.  'Twas a labor of love, and it's inspired me (at the suggestion of my husband) to do something similar for an upcoming "Guy's Weekend" I'm attending in Vegas for my pal Harry's 40th birthday.  (Side note -- I'm the only gay guy going, but there aren't to be strippers or hookers, so I should be alright.)

I've got these comic boards that are sized correctly with margins and bleed markings, etc.  So, I sketched out some thumbnails and a tentative script, and got to sketching.  What was the biggest challenge to me was keeping the design of the main characters and their relative scale consistent throughout.  But, I'm pretty pleased with the overall results.  (As an artist, I always find SOMETHING I would have done differently, but I'm really happy with it.)

Anyway, the books are being printed as we speak, and I should see the finished product next week, then pop Bill's copy into the mail for him immediately after.

And, if you cannot figure it out, in the following, I'm the monkey:
Oopsies.  Well, I'll post some images from some recent projects later today, and it'll be like I never left.  :)
Case in point, dinner tonight was a large pizza with pepperoni, bacon, and olives.  And a strawberry soda.

Somehow I still have a decent, if slowed, metabolism.  Especially considering I used to do things like get a Sara Lee Pound Cake for a nighttime snack while watching TV.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

I would eat an ENTIRE SARA LEE POUND CAKE within about an hour.  THE WHOLE THING.  I looked it up tonight, and that clocks in at 320 calories.  320!  A serving, that is.  With four servings in one cake, that totals almost 1300 calories.

Now consider that the average human is only supposed to consume a recommended 2000 calories in a day (since I'm male and 5'10" and ostensibly muscular, we'll add 25 calories to that guideline) and consider that I'd already eaten 3 meals in a day before snacking on the sugar brick, 3 meals that I could in hindsight guarantee weren't comprised entirely of ice cubes and celery.........I SHOULD BE THE SIZE OF A BUICK.

Luckily, I'm full of enough Attention Deficit Disorder -- is that a penny?  SHINY! -- (and, apparently, methamphetamines) that my body processes calories VERY well.  I run around like a gibbon monkey on crack, and sometimes require my trainers to pry me off the ceiling with shocksticks...so maybe my activity level helps me here.  But, God help me if I ever get sidelines with a leg injury and can't run around like a toddler on a Pixy Stix high 24/7.  I'll swell up so much I'll get that Charlie Brown head I used to have, all rooooooooound with eyes on either side of my nose, and a leeeeeeetle bit of hair on my forehead since it's fallen off everywhere else.

Crap.  Now I want pound cake.  Thank God Wal-Mart's open 24/7.
23 August 2012 @ 11:48 pm
One of the places I internetically hang out a lot is criticalmess.net, where we discuss (bitch about) comics, toys, movies, TV, and each other.

The current discussion on one thread is about how Batman seems to always sell as action figures, despite his predication for being offered in NEON DAYGLOW SCUBA and SUPERCAMO SWAMPFIGHTER and POLAR ASSAULT SKATEBOARD iterations.  In other words, nothing you've ever seen in the comics.  One of the things at which we excel on the Mess is to take an argument to its highly illogical extreme to prove our points.  (Of course, we're just proving our points to each other, and we pretty much agree with each other on stuff like this, but that's beside the...um...point.  This is a message board, and a message board is good for bitching about something and getting into flame wars.)

ANYWAY, the extreme conclusion in this particular topic was:
"Batman seems to be the only guy that can sell wearing a wife beater and golf pants."

This was followed immediately by my friend Gad posting, "Evil Wilma, please draw this. Please."

This elicited responses from Zeekzin of "Now I want to see Wilma photoshopped into the pic!" and Gad: "I'm pretty sure in a couple weeks we'll just see an actual picture of EW in this get up and it will be amazing."

Well, I don't know how amazing it is, but I can't pass up an opportunity to be silly with the camera.

Okay, they're not exactly golf pants, and I had to photoshop a duster into a 9-iron, but mission accomplished.
20 August 2012 @ 11:47 am
Having 6 readers post comments on my blog.

You know what's not awesome?

When each of those 6 readers is a 'generic Canadian Cialis' spambot.  HEE!

I mean, I know not a lot of people see this blog, and that's not the point of me writing it, but I do feel the spambot love.  Really, I love each and every one of you bots, even though I deleted the heck out of your comments.  Smooooooch.
12 August 2012 @ 04:19 pm

I'm going to a wedding in New York City in a few days, so it's time to get rid of the stupid facial hair with the stupid name - Friendly Mutton Chops.  I shall be clean shaven for Ms. Elizabeth Ryan's wedding.  I might even wear a suit 'n' tie!


I'm fairly excited to go.  We have not been to NYC in a while, and I may just get to go back for work in a few months.  The downside, naturally, is that it's NYC in August, which can be disgustingly hot.

By the way, do you like the barbershop I visit?  It's the same place I go to get my hair did -- my backyard.  (They don't charge much but the barber's a little slow.)

Allegedly, the shaven human hair helps to keep critters from being too interested in our garden.  Of course, everything in the garden is dead except for weeds and my hostas and calladia.  Those all seem fine.  Not sure why.

Okay, well not ALL.  One morning, Derek went out on the back deck to find one calladium completely uprooted, and its bulb/rootball sitting neatly on the bench.  Weird.  So, he replanted it, and we continued to water.  Cut to two weeks later, and it's COMPLETELY gone.  Some little squirrel bastard decided it wanted a fancy salad for dinner.

Ah, well, considering that out of all the shade-loving plants I set under the oak in years past, only ONE hosta had survived to this year, it's a minor miracle that I've only lost ONE out of what I planted this year.  Especially in this record-breaking Summer heat and drought.

...I do stupid stuff with what grows on my face.